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25 January

A Toast to the Bard

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Wallace’s tribute to a fellow Scot. Enjoy your haggis, neeps and tatties, fellow primates. The vegetarian option isn’t so bad! A LION-TAILED TALE (TRADITIONAL VERSION) Shock? Nae horrur! Ripped frae me mammy But lil in arms nae lang efter Denied mah rightful place at teat, Did Ah arm ARM maeself tae th’ teeth! Lion tail […]

19 October

The Wallace Translator

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The Wallace Translator

Not everyone speaks like Rabbie Burns. Wallace is no bard but he does have a rather interesting way with words. So we thought we’d lend a helping eye in the understanding of, the sensible to him but not so sensible to the reader, or listener for that matter – as so ably demonstrated by George […]

16 October

Episode 3 swings into action!

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*Pre-order Episode 3 from our online store.* We’ve missed you guys! But it’s finally here. Currently ink is being applied to pages (by Indie Superheroes UK Comics) and staples binding those pages into something we hope you find readable and enjoyable. It is a labour of love, this whole ape thing. The life of the writer […]